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Tanner Johnston

is a global financial advisor and entrepreneur. He is co-founder of various health and wellness businesses, with his latest venture Reyal Performance, launching Spring 2021. reyalperformance.com @reyalperformance

Men are finally morphing. When I was lounging in a spa in Las Vegas (pre- Covid 19), I could not help but notice I was surrounded by a bunch of dudes.

The main attraction of Sin City is unrelenting debauchery (strip clubs, booze, rock and roll). But there I was surrounded by men from all walks of life booked for hydrafacials, Swedish style aromatherapy massages, and “Brotox” touchups. I could not have imagined this scene 10 years ago, but that’s the evolution: today, there's nothing manlier than a man who takes care of himself and understands the importance of being well-groomed.

My own grooming journey began 7 years ago when I switched to a rose and sandalwood scented deodorant because I didn’t want to smell like a cheap 1970’s aftershave any longer. Sure, there were some jokes in the locker room about my “lady deodorant”, but that little bit of daily indulgence was absolutely worth it. My “lady deodorant” was the start of a grooming and self-care reinvention. I never looked back.

When it comes to staying healthy, men love to talk about fitness and eating right. We extol the virtues of exercising regularly and we even add supplements to make sure we are giving our bodies exactly what they need. Too often, however, men neglect taking care of a specific body part that is essential to good health: our skin. The skin is our largest organ and performs many functions important to good health beyond just making us look good. Very simply, our skin is our first line of defence. It serves as a barrier between our bodies and the outside world. It protects us from germs, bacteria and the harmful effects of UV rays. Healthy skin also regulates body temperature and helps filter out toxins.

A self-proclaimed athlete and fitness enthusiast who knew everything about taking care of the inside of my body as well as the equal importance of taking care of the outside of my body, I set out on a mission to create REYAL PERFORMANCE: a men’s performance skincare and athletic supplement brand that works to fuel, strengthen, and protect all parts of a man’s body, including his skin (an inside / outside approach).

How your skin looks and how your body feels is a direct result of what you eat, how often you sweat, and how you take care of yourself. We created REYAL PERFORMANCE for a man who is committed to continuously bettering himself and a man who is not afraid to feel.




Neil Seligman

3 minute read

Men are now starting to take more of an interest in mindfulness but are still heavily outnumbered by women as shown by a recent survey from the US which found that men were half as likely to engage in the practice. But why?


Do men self–care

Tanner Johnston

2 minute read

Men are finally morphing. When I was lounging in a spa in Las Vegas (pre-Covid 19), I could not help but notice I was surrounded by a bunch of dudes.


Change is the only constant

Anand Mehrotra

1 minute read

The only thing that we can be sure of as time passes is that change will be a constant. In other words: time means change. Even when we are impacted by rapid, and unwanted changes (as with the recent pandemic) we can still know this too shall pass.

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Do you have to wear lycra to do yoga?

No you don’t. But as your body is moving through the various planes of motion, it’s easy to get lost in your clothes! So wear comfortable, form-fitting kit that doesn’t interrupt your yoga flow.


How can I do yoga if I’m not flexible?

Well, that’s the reason to do yoga, not to not do yoga! It doesn’t matter if you can’t touch your toes. Flexibility is not a prerequisite to do yoga. But the willingness to try something new is.